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Professional Experience
Graphic Design
︎Academic Work

Waterfront Institute 
with Matthew Rolston

The final studio was to investigate various building systems as the driving factor of the design process. Once a system was chosen, the site was then given within a parcel in East Boston, a dense neighborhood primarily composed of triple deckers, various scales of infrastructure converge, historical immigrant demographics and an industrial past. Geographically, much of East Boston is the product of landfills, most notably Boston Logan Airport which began in the 70s. The resource of the water plays a key role in the future of the city. The community only had direct engagement with the water at a beach. The project aimed to create an additional moment of convergence with implementing an architecture that explores the possibilities of multi-functional members and interaction between the water, landscape and building.


01. Rendering of landscape
02. Aerial
03. Driving features of concept
04. Landscape concept models
05. Satellite image of tide
06 . Landscape typology
07. Section through building
08. Rendering from bridge office-room
Learning from Hyperloop

Using Learning From Las Vegas as a preface for comparison, research was done to consider similar issues discussed by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour regarding spatial relationships through the form of prospective forms of transportion such as the Hyperloop, a sealed tube through which a pod may travel free of air resistance allowing for high speed travel. The projection is traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in roughtly 35 minutes.


01. Cover image
02-05. Historical and pop-references to pneumatic tubes
06-08. Movement through the landscape
09-10. Movement through an urban area
Great Mosque of Aligers
Researched with Dafne-Saint Hilare & Jiaoyang Ma

Illustrations produced for a research paper on the Great Mosque of Aligers. It provides a formal analysis of the building by exploring its sources of influence and understanding the relevant critical and theoretical interpretations. As it stands, it houses the largest minaret in the world and is the third largest.


01. Mosque of the Prophet in Medina 
02. Great Mosque of Córdoba
03.Great Mosque of Kairouan
04.Hassan II Mosque
05. Great Mosque of Algiers
Boston Public Library

Representation of the Boston Public Library through the movement to the Bates Hall reading room.


01. Section Perspective
02. Back Bay Axon
03-05. Illustrations
Ecology of a Beaver

Supplementary imagery for a presentation on environmental system’s pertaining to the important role of the beaver in wetland ecosystems.


01. Summer Illustration
02. Winter Illustration
Physical Models

Vignette of some models produced in studio.